The shop currently closed while I am away at some Christmas markets.
You can find me at Craft and Flea, Glasgow on the 27th or Oban Winter festival on the 28th! :)

Small twisted rectangle ceramic earrings

Small twisted rectangle ceramic earrings, on handmade copper findings.

Each one of my earrings is hand crafted and individual. I start by rolling and cutting out the earthenware clay, enjoying the freedom of creating different shapes. Once I have smoothed the edges the clay is left to dry (thankfully this is a bit quicker than with big pots!) and then fired. Then comes the fun of choosing the colours – bold mixtures!

Once the earrings are fired I hand make each earring finding, loops and hooks to best suit the shape. I use bare copper which naturally oxidises over time, giving it a lovely rustic look which really makes the ceramics pop.

They are 7cm long, including the 3.5cm copper hook.



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