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Fiddler’s Earrings – Cut out earrings with green and red swirl

These earring were created by cutting out a semi-circle and then cutting the smaller earring from this. The glaze pattern was made by putting spots of red and green glaze on the earrings then using a stick to swirl the two together. Both earrings are hung on handmade copper hooks.

The fiddler’s earrings are inspired by necessity. When I play the fiddle I often get my left earring caught in the chin rest and end up taking one earring out. Each pair of fiddlers earring has a longer one for the right ear and a shorter/stud for the left hand side. Although these are inspired by the fiddle they are perfect for any upper string player, or just those who love mismatched earrings.

Each one of my earrings is hand crafted and individual. I start by rolling and cutting out the earthenware clay, enjoying the freedom of creating different shapes. Once I have smoothed the edges the clay is left to dry (thankfully this is a bit quicker than with big pots!) and then fired. Then comes the fun of choosing the colours – bold mixtures!

Once the earrings are fired I hand make each earring finding, loops and hooks to best suit the shape. I use bare copper which naturally oxidises over time, giving it a lovely rustic look which really makes the ceramics pop.

The longer earring is 7cm and the shorter one is 4cm, both hang on a 2.5cm hook.