Learn Traditional Scottish Tunes

I’ve been playing the fiddle since the age of seven and have been teaching for a few years. During the pandemic I started a business with my brother delivering online lessons – Mac-Talla Tutoring. Offering online lessons has allowed me to reach pupils from all around the UK and even across the Atlantic! I teach primarily by ear, allowing you to look away from the sheet music and play with others more easily. 

If you would like to ask about lessons then please get in touch!

The Banshee

The Banshee is a traditional Scottish reel that’s great fun to play. This video is ideal for intermediate players. You can find more on our channel. 

Tam Lin

This classic tune by Davey Arthur was recorded while on anchor at the tiny Island of Sanda in Argyll. We love it and have been playing for years.

Sailor's Hornpipe

We couldn’t resist playing this classic while we sailed Will’s boat from Glasgow around to Oban.

String Changing Tutorial

Changing your strings can be a very daunting thought for beginners and advanced players alike, so I’ve put together a couple of videos to help you figure out when to change and how to do it!


30 minute lessons = £15
45 minute lesson = £22 
Parent and child 1 hour = £30


Available on request.


I can also run workshops – just get in touch to arrange one.

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